General Information

0boundary Inc.

Address 138 Montgomery Avenue
Toronto, M4R 1E2
Address type Registered Office Address
Address province Ontario
Corporation ID 9405585
Business number 805355369
Status Active
ACT Canada Business Corporations Act
0Boundary Inc. is an active company registered under Canada Business Corporations Act with a corporation no 9405585 (business no 805355369). The incorporation was completed on 2015-09-02. The company is located in Toronto at 138 Montgomery Avenue, M4R 1E2 in Ontario province. As far as we determined, the last annual meeting took place on 2017-08-01.
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Company names
Name Effective date Type Current
0Boundary Inc. 09/02/2015 Corporate Name true
Trevor Bergeron

last updated: 2020-07-02

Company activities
Date Type Section
09/02/2015 Incorporation
Company annual return
Meeting date Type of corporation Year of filing
08/01/2017 Non-distributing corporation with 50 or fewer shareholders 2017
08/01/2016 Non-distributing corporation with 50 or fewer shareholders 2016